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Accounts Payable

OpenPro Accounts Payable Module Overview

The OpenPro Software Systems' Accounts Payable module is designed to manage a company's entire payable process. It is an accrual system with a complete vendor master file. Accounts Payable can assist in the management of cash by scheduling payment dates and by keeping track of vendor payment terms.  Improves cash outflow management and automatically calculates available discounts.

Vendor Accounts: Each vendor is assigned a 15 digit alphanumeric code that is entered into the system only one time. An unlimited number of vendor accounts can be maintained.

Bills /Invoices: Bills and invoices are entered in Accounts Payable as Vouchers. The vouchers are coded to the proper account in General Ledger, Inventory item in Inventory, Asset item in Fixed Assets or job activity in Job Costing. A voucher can be disbursed to any module and no limit is set on the number of distributions for a single voucher.

Payments and Check Printing: The vouchers can be paid by either system generated or manually written checks. A voucher can be paid in part or full. Accounts Payable will keep the balance open until the voucher is paid or a debit memo is issued to relieve the balance. System and manual checks and the information required to produce bank reconciliation's are recorded. The Accounts Payable module prints checks in standard check format and the forms for the checks are available from a national supplier.

Reports: A variety of reports are available in Accounts Payable including a listing of all vendors and their current balances, selected vouchers subtotaled by vendor, vouchers selected for payment, aging and cash requirements, and a listing of checks - both system generated and manual checks.

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A/P Features:

  • Direct Interface with General Ledger.

  • Multi-currency.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer.

  • Unlimited number of Vendors.

  • Flexible payment selection.

  • Drill down to original documents.

  • Integrated with check reconciliation.

  • Cash flow reports.

  • 1099 tracking.

  • Integration with purchase order processing and receiving of materials for 3 way matching.

  • Open payables reports and aged payables reporting.

  • Inter-company posting available.

  • list of vendors as active/inactive.

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