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OpenPro Purchasing Module Overview

The OpenPro Purchase Order system is a purchasing tool with many useful features. Both inventory and non-inventory purchase orders can be entered manually on a purchase order form. The purchase order form includes vendor information, product specifications, shipping information, and billing terms.

Vendor Services: Vendor price books can be entered into the system using the vendor price form. When entering a product on the purchase order form, the default price is supplied from the vendor price.

Tracking Shipments: When a shipment is received, receiving slips can be entered manually through the receiving form, or they can be generated automatically by running the receiving process. Inventory is automatically updated at the time the receiving slip is created. Partial shipments as well as, multiple shipments against a single purchase order are handled by the system.

Vouchers: Purchase Order allows vouchers to be entered manually through the voucher screen, or to be automatically generated based on the information contained in the receiving slip, purchase order, and vendor's invoice. This automated generation of Accounts Payable Vouchers eliminates the need for redundant data entry.

Reports: Various reports are provided for displaying purchase order information. Sample reports include Purchase Order Summary by Vendor or Product, Vendor Price List, and Purchasing Commitments by Date or Vendor. These reports are useful in analyzing vendor performance and determining future cash requirements.

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Purchase Order Features:

  • Direct interface with General Ledger.
  • Non-inventory items are handled
  • Request for purchase orders can be approved and turned into purchase order.
  • Integration to accounts payable for payment
  • Vendor part number displayed
  • Serial numbers and lot numbers can be generated
  • Freight charges can be FOB or destination
  • Maintain tax codes.
  • Complete audit trail for receiver.
  • Bar coded label printed
  • Maintain and monitor inventory availability
  • Active/Inactive status of Items.
  • Grouping of items by category.
  • Date and time stamp notes on items and transactions.
  • Drill down to the original document
  • Send document by fax, email, printer.
  • Audit trial reporting
  • E-commerce credit card processing
  • Timely information improves accountability and cash flow
  • Detailed and summary aged listing
  • Supports standard, average, LIFO, FIFO and actual costing..
  • Unlimited Multi-Dimensional measure conversion.
  • Non-inventory and service items supported.
  • Product pictures attached to the items and technical drawings like bill of materials, routings.
  • Fully integrated with Bill of Materials, Purchasing, Order Entry, Production and General Ledger.
  • Multi-warehouse tracking.
  • Bin level control
  • Flexible pricing.
  • Serialized, lot control and expire date controlled items.
  • Physical Inventory processing
  • ABC analysis and flexible cycle counting management.
  • Available to promise
  • Capability for RF inventory scanning module.
  • Min/Max qty for stock location
  • Automatic Reorder logic
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