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Why ERP Solutions?

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, software was developed in order to integrate the flow of business information throughout a company. ERP software solutions were originally developed for very large companies, at costs of tens of millions of dollars. Smaller companies also needed ERP solutions that integrated financial accounting software, supply chain management software, CRM software, and many other business software elements, but couldn't afford the high up-front cost for license and implementation of traditional ERP software.

Why OpenPro Open Source ERP Solutions?

Open source software delivers major cost and implementation advantages over traditional software. Hardware costs such as servers can be up to 50% lower with open source software, because the open source code is less storage- and processing-intensive than Microsoft-based software. Maintenance and modification of the code is easier for the same reason. OpenPro ERP software solutions can be implemented in as little as one day. OpenPro ERP solutions provide a complete set of business functions, providing our clients with an open source ERP solution that costs less to install and less to maintain. Open Source ERP is the fastest growing segment of the ERP market. Give us a call, and we'll show you why open source ERP from OpenPro should be part of your current business plan.
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